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Welcome to CogniMight! Where the universe of learning awaits your exploration. Learn English with joy and adventure. Tailored to each child’s style, and through interactive methods, we ignite curiosity and a love for learning. With play, creativity, and technology, English comes alive.

Where Knowledge Meets Potential.

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Cognimight was founded by an experienced psychologist with a decade of working with children, is an academy driven by a passion for cognitive and learning processes. Our unique approach combines effective methodologies that cater to children’s cognitive and emotional behaviors, ensuring an engaging learning experience. We take pride in understanding each student’s learning journey, making education precise and enjoyable for every child.

Classes are recorded for flexible learning, and personalized online tutoring sessions are offered weekly. These one-on-one sessions empower children to take ownership of their learning journey, boosting confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

CogniKey Scholarship

At Cognimight Academy, we strongly believe that every child should have access to a quality education. That’s why our “CogniKey” program opens the doors to knowledge by fully covering a child’s studies at our academy.

We support children from families with limited resources, and you are part of this initiative when you join any of our courses, as for every 10 enrolled children, we cover a student through our CogniKey Scholarship program.

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