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Last Updated : May 25, 2024
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Benefits of the course

  • Welcome to Chatting Champs 2, the advanced course specifically designed for kids who already have a basic understanding of English but need to master their speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. This course will take young learners to the next level of proficiency through engaging and interactive activities. Here’s what you will learn:
  • • Speaking Skills: Practice speaking English confidently through fun and interactive activities, including role-playing, discussions, presentations, and debates.
  • • Reading Skills: Enhance your reading abilities with a variety of texts, focusing on comprehension, vocabulary building, and critical thinking. Explore topics in science, history, and other school subjects to broaden your knowledge.
  • • Listening Skills: Improve your listening skills through audio exercises, storytelling, and listening to native speakers, helping you understand different accents and speeds of speech.
  • • Writing Skills: Develop your writing skills by working on grammar, sentence structure, creative writing, essays, and reports. Learn to express your ideas clearly and effectively in written form.
  • • Interdisciplinary Learning: Integrate your English learning with subjects like science, history, and social studies. Engage with interesting and educational content that enhances both your language and general knowledge.
  • Chatting Champs 2 will provide you with the essential tools and confidence needed to excel in all areas of English and beyond. Join us and become a champion in mastering the English language and broadening your academic horizons!

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