Space Scout

Last Updated : May 29, 2024
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About Course

Comprehensive curriculum.

Provides a supportive and encouraging learning environment.

Individual attention, fostering a personalized learning experience.

Includes the innovative Digital Cognibox with all the material they will need for this class.

Interactive class per week where kids can engage with their instructors and peers in a virtual classroom setting.

Reading tracker.

Benefits of the course

  • In our Cognimight "Space Scout" English class, parents can expect their child immersion in the English culture and language. Through interactive activities, their listening, speaking, reading and reading comprehension skills will ascend to new heights, like spacecraft soaring through the stars. They will read simple texts, unlocking the mysteries of comprehension like deciphering distant constellations.
  • Kids will be engaging in interactive learning activities and periodic assessments to track progress.

Course Content

Unit 1: This is me

  • Hello!
  • Quiz 1
  • My body
  • Quiz 2
  • My senses
  • Quiz 3
  • visiting the doctor

Unit 2: My family

Unit 3: My school

Unit 4: Where do you live?

Unit 5: I like to play

Unit 6: What’s your favorite food?

Unit 7: Let’s go to the jungle

Unit 8: Vacations

Unit 9: Let’s move

Unit 10: What are you wearing?

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