Voyager 1

Last Updated : February 14, 2024
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About Course

Access to our class and assignments.

Quizzes after every lesson.

Learn of Idioms and Expression and Proper Grammar.

Advanced Conversation Skills.

Personalized Digital Cognibox.

Personalized learning.

Weekly Interactive Classes.

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Benefits of the course

  • Introducing our "Advanced Kids' English Class" a dynamic course designed to take young learners to the next level of language proficiency.
  • This program is specifically tailored for children who already possess a basic understanding of English and are able to express themselves in complete sentences.

Course Content

Unit 1: Travel and adventure

  • Travel and adventure
  • Quiz 1
  • Lesson 2: What did you do yesterday?
  • My community
  • My community

Unit 2: Super hero showdown

Unit 3: Famous people and historical events

Unit 4: Technology and innovation

Unit 5: Cultural diversity and traditions

Unit 6: Art and creativity

Unit 7: Mythical creatures and legends

Unit 8: Pursuit of dreams and aspirations

Unit 9: Going out

Unit 10: Health and well being

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