This legal disclaimer serves to protect Cognimight Academy (“the Academy”) and its customers, and provides clarity regarding the CogniKey Program selection process, the Academy’s right to expel students, and the Academy’s right to terminate memberships without further explanation or notice. Please read the following terms carefully:

● Eligibility for the CogniKey Program:

The CogniKey Program is designed to offer 1 free membership to kids from low-income families for each 10 paid memberships. The Academy reserves the sole right to determine the eligibility of children for the CogniKey Program based on specific criteria, which may include, but is not limited to, financial need and availability of free slots.

● Verification Process:

Families seeking to qualify for the CogniKey Program will be required to submit relevant financial information and any other necessary documentation for verification purposes. The Academy will review all submissions diligently and fairly to ensure deserving applicants are selected for the program.

● Transparent Selection Process:

The Academy will conduct the selection process for the CogniKey Program in a transparent and unbiased manner. The decision to include a child in the program will be based solely on objective criteria established by the Academy.

● No Involvement of Third Parties:

The Academy does not engage with any third parties or external agents for the selection process of the CogniKey Program. Any claims or promises made by external entities regarding enrollment in the program are not authorized by the Academy and should be reported immediately.

● Reporting Fraudulent and Dishonest Activity:

If you come across any suspicious or fraudulent activities related to the CogniKey Program or any other aspect of Cognimight Academy, please inform us immediately via our official communication channels. We take such matters seriously and will take appropriate action to protect our valued customers and the integrity of our programs.

● Subject to Change:

The terms and conditions of the CogniKey Program, as well as this legal disclaimer, are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Any modifications will be communicated through our official website or other official communication channels.

● Termination of Enrollment:

Cognimight Academy reserves the right to terminate a student's enrollment in the CogniKey Program at any time and without prior explanation if the student is found to be in violation of the conduct rules established for the program. Such violations may include but are not limited to disruptive behavior, harassment, cheating, plagiarism, or any conduct deemed inappropriate by the Academy.

● Performance Assessment:

Students enrolled in the CogniKey Program are expected to actively participate and demonstrate commitment to their learning process. In cases where a student's performance falls significantly below the Academy's expectations, the Academy reserves the right to terminate their enrollment in the program. The decision to terminate enrollment will be based on fair and objective assessment criteria.

● Membership Termination:

Cognimight Academy reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time without further explanation or notice. The Academy may exercise this right if it deems that the continuation of a membership may negatively impact the Academy's programs or other members.

● Discretionary Authority:

The Academy's decisions regarding the termination of enrollments or memberships are discretionary and will be made by the Academy's administration. Such decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

● Communication:

In the event of termination from the CogniKey Program or any membership, the Academy will notify the relevant parties through official communication channels. All parties are expected to comply with the decision promptly and without delay.

By using our services and participating in the CogniKey Program, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this legal disclaimer. Cognimight Academy reserves the right to refuse service, enrollment, or participation in the CogniKey Program to anyone who violates these terms or engages in any fraudulent activities.

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